22-25 March 2018
Visiting Hours: 11.00 – 19.30

Training of "Visagisme© Total Look. Asymetrics and Colors" with Claude JUILLARD

Claude JUILLARD , French Methodist, Trainer Hairdresser, Visagisme® Total Look, Customized Regional Service and Creator of 3D Mirror.
What is the relationship between the asymmetrical hair and makeup color choices? How to make a multistillary diagnosis by activating the customer? How is the character and harmony styles created with the energy of sky and earth? How is the total look analyzed? The training that will answer all of these questions will take place in the Beauty and Care Training Hall.

Training of "Men’s Hair Cutting and Long Hair Collecting" with Cyrill’ HOHL

Cyrill' HOHL From Luxembourg, AIPP Award Owner, Men’s Hair Fashion Specialist, Long Hair Collection Expert and L'Oréal Professionnel Brand Ambassador
What are the non-classical ways and methods of shaping the hair of especially long haired men? How to collect long hair with knotting and twisting techniques and styling products? What are the main lines of 2018 men’s hair fashion? Do not miss this training to keep up with the latest trends in men’s hair cutting and collecting.

Training of "Colorscopie © Color Harmony" with Brigitte GAUTIER

Brigitte GAUTIER , French Methodist, Personal Image Advisor, Color Harmony Expert and Creator of the Colorscopie© and Color Coach® Systems
Which season is defining you? Warm colors / Cold colors. What is the right color harmony according to your skin and eye color? Color Coach® teaches people to advise on improving their image, recommending the best colors and shapes to their customers by developing professional observation skills. Do not miss the Colorscopie Test that Brigitte Gautier is going to do interactively.