22-25 March 2018
Visiting Hours: 11.00 – 19.30

Aesthetic Dermatology Equipment and Products

  • Skin care and analysis equipment and products
  • Fractional laser systems
  • Medical aesthetic laser systems
  • Ozone therapy equipment
  • Carboxytherapy equipment
  • Epilation systems
  • Anti-aging, lifting, wrinkle treatment technologies and products
  • Body care equipment and products
  • Cellulite treatment equipment and products
  • Weight loss and fit body equipment and products
  • Face and body massage equipment
  • Derma cosmetic care products
  • Filling materials, serums, mezotherapy products, skin care beds

Cosmetic and Makeup Products and Equipment

  • Professional make up materials and equipment
  • Permanent make up equipment
  • Temporary and permanent tattoo equipment
  • Make up brushes
  • Colorful cosmetic and perfume equipment
  • Artificial eyelashes
  • Eyebrows, eyelashes, permanent waves and dyes
  • Natural skin care products
  • Tweezers, rasp and scissors
  • Wax, wax heating machinery and side products
  • Mirrors, sponges
  • Face cleaners, tonics
  • Masks and peeling products
  • Body lotions, gels and moisturizers
  • Cosmetic product packages
  • Solarium equipment and side products
  • Solarium cosmetics and consulting services

Professional Nail Equipment & Hand - Foot Care

  • Prosthesis nail techniques and products
  • Plastic and prosthesis nails, nail sets
  • Manicure and pedicure equipment
  • Permanent nail polishers and sets
  • Acrylic, gel, dipping systems and materials
  • Tips and brushes
  • Nail accessories and stickers, nail decorating machines
  • Hand and foot care equipment and products
  • Foot massage equipment
  • Nail care and treatment systems
  • Diabetic feet care products

Spa - Wellness & Fitness Product and Equipment

  • SPA & wellness bed and equipment
  • Spa cosmetics wellness products
  • Thalasso equipment and products
  • Spa concept and design consulting services
  • Fitness equipment and programs
  • Fitness techniques Vibrated body building equipment
  • Sport center equipment and technologies
  • Yoga & Pilates products
  • Natural and herbal products
  • Diet living products and vitamins
  • Athlete supplements and needs

Packaging Technologies, Private Label Products

  • Packaging, packaging furniture and accessories
  • Private label, freight production, packaging equipment and machines
  • Promotional materials, services and raw materials for the cosmetics sector

Hair and Care Equipment & Products

  • Hardware and decoration units for hair salons
  • Hair washing units
  • Working counters, seats, waiting seating
  • Hair dyes, serums, capsules and reconfiguration products
  • Hair care products, shampoos and creams
  • Hair cosmetics and shaping products
  • Hair sprays, gels and other related products
  • Hair Dryers and shaping products
  • Hair brushes and combs, hairclips
  • Hair cutting products, professional scissors and combs
  • Hair analysis, hair accessories, hair wigs and extensions