Exhibitor Profile

1-Aesthetic Dermatology Equipment and Products

  • Skin Care and Analysis Equipment and Products
  • Fractional Laser Systems
  • Medical Aesthetic Laser Systems
  • Ozone Therapy Equipment
  • Carboxytherapy Equipment
  • Epilation Systems
  • Anti-Aging, Lifting, Wrinkle Treatment Technologies and Products
  • Body Care Equipment and Products
  • Cellulite Treatment Equipment and Products
  • Weight Loss and Fit Body Equipment and Products
  • Face and Body Massage Equipment
  • Derma Cosmetic Care Products
  • Filling Materials, Serums, Mesotherapy Products, Skin Care Beds

2-Cosmetic and Makeup Products and Equipment

  • Professional Make Up Materials and Equipment
  • Temporary and Permanent Tattoo and Make Up Equipment
  • Make Up Brushes Colorful Cosmetic and Perfume Equipment
  • Artificial, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Permanent Waves and Dyes
  • Natural Skin Care Products
  • Cosmetics Product Ingredient
  • Tweezers, Rasp and Scissors
  • Mirrors, Sponges
  • Face Cleaners, Tonics
  • Masks and Peeling Products
  • Body Lotions, Gels and Moisturizers
  • Cosmetic Product Packages
  • Solarium Equipment and Side Products

3- Hand & Foot Care and Chiropody

  • Professional Nail Equipment & Hand – Foot Care
  • Prosthesis Nail Techniques and Products
  • Plastic and Prosthesis Nails, Nail Sets
  • Manicure and Pedicure Equipment
  • Permanent Nail Polishers and Sets
  • Acrylic, Gel, Dipping Systems and Materials
  • Tips and Brushes
  • Nail Accessories and Stickers, Nail Decorating Machines
  • Hand and Foot Care Equipment and Products
  • Foot Massage Equipment
  • Nail Care and Treatment Systems
  • Diabetic Feet Care Products

4-Spa – Wellness & Fitness Product and Equipment

  • SPA & Wellness Bed and Equipment
  • Spa Cosmetics Wellness Products
  • Thalasso Equipment and Products
  • Spa Concept and Design Consulting Services
  • Fitness Equipment and Programs
  • Fitness Techniques
  • Vibrated Body Building Equipment
  • Sport Center Equipment and Technologies
  • Yoga & Pilates Products

5- Healthy Living Products

  • Natural and Herbal Products
  • Diet Living Products and Vitamins
  • Athlete Supplements and Needs

6- Hair and Care Equipment & Products

  • Hardware and Decoration Units for Hair Salons
  • Hair Washing Units
  • Working Counters, Seats, Waiting Seating
  • Hair Dyes, Serums, Capsules and Reconfiguration Products
  • Hair Care Products, Shampoos and Creams
  • Hair Cosmetics and Shaping Products
  • Hair Sprays, Gels and Other Related Products
  • Hair Dryers and Shaping Products
  • Hair Brushes and Combs, Hairclips
  • Hair Cutting Products, Professional Scissors and Combs
  • Hair Analysis, Hair Accessories, Hair Wigs and Extension